LAGRO, Ind. (WANE) – A train that was at a standstill for a week at a railroad crossing in Lagro has finally been moved.

Kristie Bone had been airing out her frustrations for days about a Norfolk Southern train stuck on the tracks in her hometown of Lagro, Indiana in Wabash County.

She tried calling representatives and anyone else she thought could help, but it wasn’t until she posted a video on Facebook that she found the assistance she was looking for.

“We had to go to social media to get any type of response from anybody,” Bone said.

Bone was worried that the blockage would affect traffic and emergency services.

After a week of waiting, the train was finally moved on Monday.

In an email, Norfolk Southern told WANE-15, “This train was tied down due to congestion to the west, and then the issue was made worse by staffing challenges. Lagro is located in very close proximity to a siding, which is used for trains to ‘meet’ or pass each other.”

Bone emphasized that you have to “keep knocking on heads,” and keep trying to make a change.

“We didn’t give up and we got a lot accomplished today,” Bone said.