Tour Bluffton and shop inside stores from the comfort of your couch


BLUFFTON, Ind. (WANE) — You can now virtually tour parts of Bluffton and shop inside a store from the comfort of your home.

“Wells County is really a hidden gem,” said Quinn Kumfer. “Something like this hasn’t been done before.”

Kumfer is the owner of Treeboy Production and the videographer behind the new tour.

The idea stemmed from Kumfer’s work with Helping Hands. They wanted a video where people could go into the building and meet the staff without walking through the front of the door.

So, Kumfer did the research and got to work.

After he completed that project he then turned to the town of Bluffton, wanting to showcase the changes to its downtown. In recent years the town has seen a revitalization of its downtown with new businesses, renovations and improvements. With the pandemic closing most of the businesses in the area, Kumfer thought that the video would also help those virtually shop from home.

Only problem, is that he was having a hard time explaining it.

“I didn’t do a great job conveying the message,” Kumfer said. “It’s kind of a crazy complex idea. It’s really hard to paint that picture in someone else’s head so I thought to myself… I’ll just build it first and present it to them afterward.”

Kumfer then spent time creating the video. The virtual walkthrough lets the viewer stroll through one street of downtown, go into shops and get a nearly complete 360-degree view.

“This can be scaled to every business in Wells County,” Kumfer said. “The entire county could be involved with this. A few lines of code and it can be placed on a website. It’s just a matter of clicking on one spot to go to the next.”

Not all businesses were open the day he went and shot the tour. But he hopes to continue to add to the tour over time. Kumfer is also doing this for free.

“Wells County can be a perfect example of what a rural community can be on the outlier of a major city,” Kumfer said. “Wells County already has a pretty solid infrastructure and it’s only improving.”

The town of Bluffton will put the video on its website. To take the tour click here.

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