FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — For the past decade, OLBG has been studying census data to figure out how many households earn more than $200,000 per year in U.S. cities including Fort Wayne.

Flourish, a data visualizing tool that launched in 2018, created a study on these households that have been observed by OLBG.

Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline
A view of the skyline in downtown Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne made an appearance on the top five cities throughout Indiana with the most households earning at least $200,000 annually:

  1. Indianapolis – 21,131
  2. Carmel – 9,999
  3. Fort Wayne – 3,618
  4. Bloomington – 1,839
  5. South Bend – 1,751

The list has remained constant since 2013, with the exception of South Bend. In the past decade, the city hopped Evansville and Lafayette.

In 2013, Fort Wayne had 1,528 households exceeding the annual earnings of $200,000. Ten years later, that number has risen to 3,618. This makes Fort Wayne third in the state regarding percent change since the study began.

  1. Hammond – 1,302%
  2. South Bend – 441%
  3. Fort Wayne – 137%
  4. Indianapolis – 131%
  5. Bloomington – 130%

Hammond has blossomed from 57 such households in 2013, to 799 of them this year. The largest decrease in these houses came in Lafayette, dropping by 77 percent. Evansville also took a 1 percent hit since 2013.

For the full list of household data in the U.S., you can find a further breakdown of the data table by the Flourish team online.