(WANE) — Rather than calling a partner by their actual name, most people refer to their special someone with unique words of affection.

With Tuesday being Valentine’s Day, WordFinder by YourDictionary utilized trends in Google search data to find out which terms of endearment are said the most to express one’s love.

The data showed that “babe” is the most popular term for Indiana residents. The only other state to join Indiana in this class is Delaware.

Across the West Coast, “darling” topped the charts in California, Washington, Nevada, Utah and Texas.

In the East Coast, “hottie” was a popular term of affection in Florida, North Carolina, West Virgina and Pennsylvania.

Kansas and Alabama had distinct results from every other state, with their top term of endearment being “princess” and “dollface” respectively.

On a day dedicated to “love” for your partner, the only state with this term as their top choice was Virginia.

Other words that were included in the search data were angel, baby, bae, beautiful, bunny, handsome, honey, sugar, sweetheart and sweetie.

The complete 2023 WordFinder Study can be accessed on their blog.