(NEXSTAR) – Much like a fine wine, the average American’s taste in drinking establishments only deepens, intensifies, and becomes more refined over time.

In your earlier years, for example, you might have been content to swig drinks at a local dive bar, or chug beers that were brewed in a stranger’s bathtub. But these days, you prefer to do any swigging or chugging at a fancy winery, like a respectable human being.

With that in mind, the analysts at Yelp have sorted through the platform’s databases to identify the top-rated wineries in each state. The results, based on Yelp’s own user-generated reviews and ratings, are listed below.

It should be noted that Yelp’s findings are also based on the “total volume” of reviews for each establishment, which means that newer wineries with fewer reviews could be underrepresented on the list. But on a positive note, Yelp worked to exclude any establishment with a failing health grade, so it’s very likely that none of the wines from the country’s top-rated vineyards were fermented in a stranger’s bathtub.

Without further ado, the top-rated wineries in the country — as determined the Yelp community — are listed below.

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