Fall just started but many retailers are already offering Black Friday-type discounts. Anthony Kozak shopping at a Target in Clifton, New Jersey was surprised to see discounts already being offered ahead of the holidays.

“It’s not even Thanksgiving! Halloween, what are we talking about?” Kozak said.

Target’s “Circle Week” is offering big discounts for Circle members through Saturday, October 7.

After hearing about the deals, Kozak said he may start his holiday shopping now. “Of course. Who’s not looking for a good deal. We’ve got to save money wherever we can,” he said.

Target isn’t the only retailer offering big savings. Next week is Walmart’s “Holiday Deals Kick Off” with sales on thousands of items. Amazon, which held a “Prime Day” in the summer, is offering “Big Deal Days” October 10th and 11th.

These deals are expected to attract plenty of shoppers. A recent survey from Bankrate found 50% of people plan to buy holiday gifts before Halloween.

“We’ve seen that, you know that holiday shopping has been kicking off earlier and earlier every year,” said Samantha Gordon, deals editor at Consumer Reports.

Gordon says people buying now should check the return policy and always look to see if what you purchase drops in price.

“A lot of retailers have this policy, where, if you buy something and it goes on sale a few days later you can reach out to customer service and get refunded the partial difference,” she said.

Gordon says if you can’t take advantage of October deals, don’t worry. “What’ll happen after that sale is over is a lot of the prices will return to normal for a few weeks, and then they’ll drop back down again,” she said.

The next big price drop will be in November around Black Friday.