FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Tommy Schrader clinched the Democratic nomination in the 3rd District Congressional race in Tuesday’s primary. Wednesday was a day of celebration for Schrader.

“Drinking a couple of beers to be honest and if you don’t like that don’t vote for me,” Schrader said. “I had a smile because I had a feeling I was going to win.”

But who is Tommy Schrader?

Tommy Schrader

“Tommy Schrader is an honest guy that wants to work for a living. He’s a hard worker,” the man running for Congress said.

Shrader claims to have a viral video on YouTube and loves politics. He has made runs at several other offices, and said he has been on the ballot for eight different races. He described himself as a conservative Democrat who is pro-life, supports raising the minimum wage and supports LGBT issues.

“It’s in my blood,” Schrader said about his political ambitions.

Schrader is a Fort Wayne native. He went to Snider High School before dropping out after his sophomore year when he said he developed a mental illness. He later got his GED and studied politics at the Anthis Career Center. He’s worked in a library, as a poll worker and a volunteer at the AIDS Task Force. Unemployed today, he said he’s trying to get an apartment so he can move out of the Coliseum Inn in Fort Wayne.

“It’s kind of hard to manage money when you smoke and you drink beer and hotel rooms,” Schrader said. “I’d like to get an apartment.”

In his free time, he said he likes to read, study politics and hang out at his favorite spots around town.

“I like to hang out at Pint and Slice and Ziffle’s Rib Bar,” Schrader said.

Pretty much just a regular Joe, according to Schrader.

“We pay our taxes, we don’t cause any problems and have a couple of beers. I smoke cigarettes. I know it’s not good for my health but I’m not some prude or homeboy that doesn’t do anything but watch TV all day long,” Schrader said.

Schrader said he is hoping to move from his room at a motel to Washington, D.C.

“So one of my goals is to win the election and frankly make $189,000 a year wouldn’t be bad at all you know,” Schrader said.

He will face Republican candidate Jim Banks in the General Election this November.