The News-Sentinel prints final afternoon edition


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After more than 180 years of news, the News-Sentinel is delivering its final afternoon edition.

The staff printed a special commemorative edition Saturday to mark what some call “the end of an era.”

“Our staff has been working diligently putting together a 64 page, separate edition of the memories and historical pieces,” President/CEO of Fort Wayne Newspapers Michael Christman said.

Some of the history re-lived in the pages include the Saint Mary’s church fire from 1993 with the iconic photos of the steeple after lightning struck. There’s also President Bush’s victory after the decision in Florida and flashbacks to war times. The “Great Flood” is also featured. Columnists comment on the newspaper industry and there are “then and now” photo comparisons.

Over the years, the News-Sentinel has become a piece of history as much as the stories it has covered.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper announced the move to end its afternoon print edition in August, citing changing times and a shift in readership.

“Times are changing and The News-Sentinel is going to keep up with those changes,” Christman said.

The publication isn’t closing its doors entirely though. Instead, it will transition to a digital format Monday with inserts included in The Journal-Gazette. Christman said there will be an increased presence on social media and on the web. He said he’s excited about the opportunity to experiment with the new format while still providing a more traditional option to readers through the Journal-Gazette.

“Traditional readers, somebody like myself, on the print side, still gets the conservative view point, plus gets the great coverage that the J.G. provides,” Christman explained.

Despite uncertain times, leaders in the company say they’re confident in the new approach and in the future ahead.

“The News-Sentinel is a great newspaper. We’ll continue to be a great voice and part of Fort Wayne,” Christman said.

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