FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A man who beat brain cancer is on a mission to save 5 million brains. He wrote a survival guide that he will give away to those battling the same disease.

Kyle Miron was rushed to Lutheran Hospital after spouts of dizziness and having trouble getting out of bed. He was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in November 2016.

“The nurse came back right away and said we found something pretty big,” Miron said.

The CAT scan showed 4 tumors. He would soon undergo emergency surgery. A doctor told him to plan for his funeral. But he didn’t.

“That’s just where I said, ‘sorry doc. Cancer has never met a guy like me,'” said Miron.

Four months after treatment, doctors told him that his brain status was “unremarkable.” In October 2017 he learned that the cancer was in remission.

“They were not expecting these results,” he said. “This means that your brain is so normal that there’s nothing to remark on.”

The journey was not an easy one. He began documenting it the night before brain surgery. Now, he’s teaching others who have received a cancer diagnosis how to gear up for the fight of their life.

The book started with a letter to his sons.

“I’m going into brain surgery you guys better be good boys,” he recalled. “Try not to lie. Learn how to grow food.”

It turned into a 50 page guide. Miron believes it is time for killing cancer to go viral and beating the deadly disease starts with your state of mind, he said.

“I think my biggest success in my cancer crusade was, not for one second did I think this cancer was going to kill me,” he said. “If [people] repeat ‘cancer doesn’t exist here,’ that’s more powerful than anything a doctor could ever tell you. I think when we have five million brains focused on that, [cancer] doesn’t stand a chance.”

Miron held a fundraiser that raised $4,700 to cover the cost of the free book. Now, he working to get the book translated into every language so that his message can be spread worldwide.

If you want more information on how to get a copy of Miron’s book Brain Status: Unremarkable, click here.