Starlink satellite network to increase internet access in rural locations


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After a scrubbed launch earlier this week, Space-X is targeting Thursday morning for the next Starlink satellite launch. Once completed, the Starlink satellite network will provide high speed internet for people across the entire globe.

Several Starlink missions have already been completed, each typically carrying 60 satellites into orbit. Over 750 satellites have already been placed into orbit to date, and 12,000 are expected by the completion of the program. Space-X hopes to have broadband internet coverage over the northern United States and Canada by the end of 2020.

People living in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio will benefit once the broadband service is up and running, as those living in rural areas often are stuck with outdated dial-up service at best.

Fort Wayne space expert, John McGauley, said that there are some counties in Indiana where only 2% of the population have access to high speed internet. He added that the completion of Starlink will have a positive impact on the agricultural economy in Indiana.

“People that are running large family farms need to be able to access the internet to be able to complete financial transactions, to move large files, to move large pieces of data. In a lot of cases, they are not able to do that. Not only does it help individuals here on the ground, but it also makes Indiana a more attractive place for economic development when we can say that we’ve solved our broadband problem,” said McGauley.

Starlink is currently beta testing the internet coverage across portions of the northern United States. Emergency responders working on the front lines of the wildfires in the western United States have already benefitted from Starlink internet service.

The next attempt to launch 60 more satellites into orbit is scheduled for Thursday morning.

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