Photo sent to NewsChannel 15 from a Wastewater Treatment Plant fire in Ligonier on April 23, 2015.

LIGONIER, Ind. (WANE) Crews were dismantling an unused part of Ligonier’s Wastewater Treatment Plant after it caught fire Thursday around 2:30 p.m.

According to Ligonier Mayor Patty Fisel, the fire was contained just to that section, which holds equipment known as a bio-tower.

The bio-tower filters sewage and water. The tower that caught on fire, along with another bio-tower, have both been empty since 2008.

While it was being taken down, the mayor believes pellets that were used to filter the sewage from the water caught on fire.

Mayor Fisel said the fire was “tremendously smoky” and that the “smoke was very, very thick.” It could be seen for miles from the plant, which is located at 305 Bridge Street.

While the smoke was thicker before area firefighters started working on the bio-tower, Mayor Fisel said it appears the situation may be under control as of 4 p.m.

According to our sister station at WSBT, people who live in Ligonier are not being told to boil their water at this point. The water will be yellow for a while hydrants were flushed, according to police at the scene.

Fisel does not believe the water treatment plant will be impacted.

There were no injuries. Multiple departments were called to assist at the scene.