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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – On this Labor Day we take you behind the scenes with a Fort Wayne couple who wants you to labor less and smile more. They say the service they provide can help.

“I started meal prepping three years ago just for myself, he didn’t want anything to do with it at first,” said Joanna Hersey, co-owner of Smile More. “Yeah, I didn’t jump into meal prep right away,” said her fiance Terel Lynn. “She was wanting to do a lot of vegetarian options, but I love me some meat,” laughed Lynn. “So we combined together and I took my meat and seasonings and added her vitamins with the produce and then we became the dynamic duo.”

Since they began personal meal prepping with portion control three years ago, this dynamic duo has collectively lost nearly 200 pounds. “I used to be 235 pounds,” said Hersey. “So I’ve lost 50 pounds mostly through meal prepping.”

“I used to be 382 pounds and I look back at pictures in those days and realize I just got tired of the heartache,” said Lynn. “I got tired of not being able to move like I used to so I said hey let’s get in the gym and I started meal prepping and I started working out everyday. I went from 382 pounds to my lowest, down to 238. I’m a little bit back up there now but it’s a never ending target you’re not going to hit. It’s a constant battle everyday. But meal prepping has helped me a lot to maintain my weight.”

So successful was their personal weight loss, they decided to take their new found healthy passion and turn it into a business they call Smile More. Right now they cook out of CookSpring Shared Kitchen at 1025 West Rudisill Boulevard.

“It’s like healthy, fresh food in proper portions,” said Hersey. “We have calorie counts and everything on our food so it can help with weight loss if they’re trying to track that because we make it easy for them.”

The pair admits they’re not dieticians. They say they learned from experience. “We can help people eat healthy because we’ve lived it because we both were overweight. We don’t get into a lot of the fad diets. We just pick our meals through portion control and we work out.”

“One of our most popular meals is Chicken Goodness which has a chicken breast, broccoli and veggie pasta with parsley on top,” said Hersey. “I think the biggest thing we’re selling is not just healthy food but time. Allowing people not to spend hours every week in their kitchen. We’re making fresh healthy food and we bring it to their doors.”

As for the Smile More name, Lynn says his grandmother was the inspiration. “I know I was a heavier kid but at the end of the day what made me smile was eating that piece of meat my grandma made or that pie that grandma made. When I got older it made me nostalgic. So I said you know what, I want to cook those meals for people so that when they take that bite of food I hope it takes them back to a time when they can just smile more.”

Additional information about Smile More Meal Prep can be found on its Facebook page.

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