SEYMOUR, Ind. — Police in Seymour, Indiana arrested a man accused of using his cell phone to spy on a woman at a tanning salon.

Police were called to the Total Tan tanning salon on June 11 after a customer who was described as “very emotionally upset to the point she was shaking” approached an employee.

The woman told the employee that as she was getting dressed after her tanning session, she saw a cell phone being pointed at her from the opening at the top of the wall separating her from the room next door.

Court documents show that as the woman was explaining what happened to another female in the hallway, a male subject exited the room next door to hers, where the cell phone was seen.

Salon staff looked up the person in the room next door to the woman and identified him as Steven Mitchell White, 26. Police believe he used a chair in the room to be able to reach the opening.

Salon management told officers the opening along the top of the walls was to allow for ventilation and was fairly standard in the tanning industry.

When police went to White’s home later that afternoon, they say he appeared to be “nervous” and said “no” when asked if he recently deleted anything from his phone.

White was further questioned at the Seymour police station and agreed to surrender his cell phone as evidence.

Court documents show during his interrogation, White was afraid of being labeled a “sexual predator” and going to jail.

He admitted to police he was using his phone to look into the room next door at the salon. He told police he was trying to take pictures but deleted everything from his phone.

White said he had used his phone to spy at least once before but never shared it and only had it for his personal use.

Police obtained his phone and say they did not find any evidence.

He was arrested and charged with voyeurism with a camera.

Salon management told police they canceled White’s membership.