DAYTON, Ohio. (WANE) — A man accused of robbing several banks across Indiana and Ohio will remain behind bars until his trial.

Bart Brandon Ely, 49, of Ohio City, Ohio made his first appearance in Southern District of Ohio court virtually while in the custody of the Montgomery County jail in Dayton. Ely did not speak during the hearing.

Ely is accused of robbing at least six banks and trying to hold up another in a 2 1/2 week period this month.

Federal court documents allege Ely was involved in these robberies:

  • June 4 – First Source Bank in Bluffton, Ind. ($401 taken)
  • June 5 – US Bank located in Tipp City, Ohio (unsuccessful)
  • June 5 – First Financial Bank located in Troy, Ohio ($3,329 taken)
  • June 10 – US Bank in Dublin, Ohio ($1,057 taken)
  • June 12 – Chase Bank located in Lima, Ohio ($3,058 taken)
  • June 17 – Old National Bank located in Fort Wayne, Ind. ($2,641 taken)
  • June 22 – 5/3 Bank in Englewood, Ohio (755.50 taken)

Ely was eventually traced to a hotel in West Chester, Ohio. Police found him on the floor with several multiple self-inflicted knife wounds. After being released from a hospital, Ely was taken to the Montgomery County jail in Dayton.

Ely’s attorney, Tuesday, told the court Ely was taken off of suicide watch. However, with Ely’s history of drug and mental health issues, his attorney asked the court to move Ely to Shelby County, Ohio where he is from. The judge denied that request.

Bart Ely curiosity of Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department

An attorney representing the Federal government informed the court that this was not Ely’s first time behind bars. Ely received his first charge of robbery back in 1996.

According to court documents, in 1996 Ely entered the former TJ Carryout restaurant with his hand in his right pocket and demanded cash from the register. He left with more than a hundred dollars in cash but was later arrested. Ely was charged with two counts of robbery and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Once released from prison in the early 2000s, the attorney representing the Federal government, Ely faced another charge of robbery and aggravated battery and received 10 years in prison. WANE 15 was unable to find those court documents.

With his past and his current charges, the attorney believed, Ely was a flight risk and a danger to the community.

The judge agreed and denied Ely bail. He is currently in the Montgomery, Ohio jail. The judge also ordered Ely to be taken into the custody of the U.S. Marshal’s where he will be placed on suicide watch.

Ely will have a preliminary examination on July 8th.