FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Science Central is hosting their third and final Disability Days program on September 19th for the year. The program seeks to highlight that the field of science is inclusive to everyone.

The program is designed for individuals with developmental, intellectual, and emotional disabilities. Caretakers are more than welcome to join them today.

Science Central will be offering demonstrations and hand-on activities for visitors today, all themed around weather and the changing of the seasons. One demonstration will be held within their Science in a Sphere exhibit where they will show how other planets in our solar system experience weather and climate.

In addition, Science Central will be making accommodations to create a safe and inclusive environment for all visitors and their caretakers:

  • Lower, more ambient sound levels
  • Increased lighting in areas that are typically dark
  • Access to listening devices for the hard of hearing
  • Extra staff members present
  • Demonstrations focusing on tactile stimulations
  • Access to a private changing table
  • Access to a sensory room
  • Face shields (available in limited quantities)

The event began at 10 this morning and ends at 3 this afternoon. A link to Science Central’s website can be found below.

Science Central’s home page