Same City Food Truck has powerful meaning and is Positively Fort Wayne


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Same City Food Truck is the newest tool for Just Neighbors to help serve the homeless community in Fort Wayne. Executive Director Reverend Josh Gale says the name of the truck carries an important meaning. “Those experiencing homelessness don’t live in tent cities, they live in your city.”

The food truck has been in service for just a few weeks, but it’s already helping break down barriers. Lexie Fritz of Common Ground Outreach says the people who use her services tend to deal with labels and stigma so “It’s important to create a space for people to be themselves for the whole person, and the truck allows us to do that in a bigger way.”

The Same City Food Truck can be found slingin’ high-quality meals for everyone. You have the option to pay whatever you can, or nothing at all. 100% of what people purchase goes directly to serve the most vulnerable in Fort Wayne.

Ryan Remmington, Director of Partner Engagement at Just Neighbors says the truck is another way to build relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness by going directly to them. “The truck allows us to say we’re being a part of this with you and we’ll help you through the whole process.”

Lexie Fretz of Common Ground Outreach says the Same City Food Truck is a dream come true and helps her build better friendships that will last longer by taking the truck directly to people in need.

Gale thinks the truck can impact the community in a positive way because it can create what he calls a messy situation. “When we spend a lot of time in the street serving those experiencing homelessness and then pull into a farmer’s market where some of them might be?” Gale says it could create an uncomfortable, but important conversation “I would love to see middle class, upper class housed people in Fort Wayne in line with those who are unsheltered.”

He thinks bringing those two groups together would have a powerful impact. “To mix these two groups and show that we actually do live in the same city can bring about a positive outcome in the hearts and minds of people around us.”

Executive Director Joshua Gale of Just Neighbors says people need to remember people experiencing homelessness in Fort Wayne don’t live in tent cities, they live in your city.
Ryan Remington says the Same City Food Truck provides an opportunity to change the way we treat people experiencing homelessness by disrupting the status quo.

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