FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Following the announcement of a massive proposal with a series of projects along Fort Wayne’s riverfront, an advocate for the city’s rivers is cautioning against too much development too fast.

Dan Wire told WANE 15 on Tuesday that there needs to be a master plan to protect the natural environment around the rivers.

Wire said he believes the announcement made by Eric Doden and DOMO Development on Monday was exciting and a sign of how fast riverfront activities have become popular in the area.

He believes the development is vital to community growth, but doesn’t want it to come at the expense of wildlife in the area.

Wire said there’s a way to put in the work and make the riverfront robust for the enjoyment of wildlife and the people who would be living and enjoying the amenities of downtown.

“It’s important for us, from an environmental standpoint, to step back and seriously look at what limited resources we have along the rivers and where do we want to preserve that for business that it’ll be a success for them, and where do we want to preserve it for the wildlife and the benefits that some of these more natural areas provide for, not only the new residents that are going to be moving downtown, but the wildlife that is here and ultimately to make it the best and healthy environment that we can, and that includes addressing floodwater concerns,” Wire explained.

He also said he believes what makes Fort Wayne’s riverfront unique is some of the historical buildings and places along it.

Wire believes those buildings and neighborhoods should be preserved rather than torn down for new, massive structures to be built.