RICHMOND, Ind. — A Richmond woman attempted to prevent police officers from searching her for drugs by faking a heart attack, court documents reveal. The effort ended up being in vain as jail staff later found an “avocado-size” sandwich bag concealed in her privates that contained meth, fentanyl and crack cocaine.

Amanda Smith, 41, was arrested on Monday and charged with dealing methamphetamine, a Level 2 felony; dealing in a narcotic drug, a Level 2 felony; dealing in cocaine, a Level 3 felony, and dealing in a controlled substance, a Level 6 felony.

This is the second time this summer Smith has been charged with multiple felony counts. In early July, police accused Smith of luring a woman to a Richmond home under the guise of selling her a ring. Instead, Smith allegedly assaulted the woman, punching her in the face multiple times before stealing her wallet and phone.

Smith was arrested for the alleged assault and charged with robbery resulting in bodily injury, a Level 3 felony, and criminal confinement, a Level 3 felony. She did not stay in jail long, however, posting two separate cash bonds in July in order to be released from Wayne County Jail — a move that would be repeated with her most recent charges.

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Booking photo of Amanda Smith (Wayne Co. Sheriff’s Dept.)

Smith’s latest encounter with law enforcement occurred on Monday after a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy noted Smith interacting with known drug users at a Philipp 66 gas station in Richmond. Being familiar with Smith, the deputy followed the woman’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop after Smith failed to use a turn signal and drove down the center of the road.

According to the deputy’s report, Smith would end up faking a heart attack after a K9 alerted police to the presence of drugs. Smith reportedly began yelling and screaming that she was having a heart attack but refused to let Richmond EMS hook her to monitors or give her a medical evaluation.

After being taken to the hospital, Smith refused to change out of her clothes and insisted on using the bathroom. Police believed Smith was concealing drugs and were aware that she was likely trying to prevent herself from being searched while trying to find ways to dispose of the hidden drugs.

Smith eventually agreed to change in the presence of nurses and admitted to having fentanyl hidden in her underwear. While changing, however, nurses spotted what appeared to be a plastic sandwich bag concealed within her privates, documents detail.

According to the court documents, Smith continued to deny there was anything hidden inside her even after the jail performed a body scan that showed an “abnormality in her pelvic area.”

Eventually, Smith admitted to concealing drugs inside her privates and removed an “avocado-size plastic sandwich bag” from inside her, according to the documents.

Police ended up testing the contents of the bag and said 38.9 grams of meth, 10.4 grams of crack cocaine and 9.2 grams of fentanyl — along with an untested fine white powder — had been separately wrapped and shoved inside the plastic bag.

A search of Smith’s vehicle unveiled even more pills and substances including Gabapentin, Naloxone and buprenorphine, court documents said. A ledger was also found in the vehicle that contained names, weights, dollar amounts and drug types.

Police also found $5,845 in cash in Smith’s wallet and said four cell phones were seized from the vehicle as evidence. According to the deputy’s report, three of the cell phones kept ringing throughout the course of the investigation with calls coming in from known drug users.

Despite being charged with six felony counts over the last three months, Smith once again posted bail on Tuesday after a brief stay at Wayne County Jail. Court records show Smith paid a $4,500 bond the day after her arrest (a $45,000 surety bond). In July, Smith paid two separate cash bonds totalling $3,500 to avoid jail.

A bond revocation/alteration hearing is set for Oct. 18 for her robbery case.