FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation’s mission is a not for profit service established to serve northeast Indiana’s injured or orphaned birds of prey.

Sunday Morning, Dr. Pat Funnell, Ann Zepke and Peabody from Soarin’ Hawk joined First News.

Peabody is a Barred Owl. Her name comes from all of the bars marked throughout her coat.

“They are horizontal, vertical, all over her body,” Ann Zepke said.

Peabody is native to Northeast Indiana.

“She was found on the side of U.S. 24 between Fort Wayne and Roanoke,” Zepke said. The indicators showed she had flown into a vehicle.

So Soarin’ Hawk came to the rescue.

“Treatment obviously depends on what we find. If there’s fractures we do surgery and pin bones, that type of thing,” Dr. Funnell said.

Soarin’ Hawk’s mission is to conserve the raptor population through education and rehabilitation.

They say they are fortunate to be able to offer patients a blend of modern veterinary science (volunteer veterinary services, x-ray, laboratory, and aggressive post surgical physical therapy) and the ancient art of falconry (creance reconditioning, “hack” releases of orphans, and honing of hunting skills when needed).

Soarin’ Hawk’s long term goal is to become a regional referral center for the rehabilitation of injured birds of prey as well as a destination for visitors to enjoy a nature walk as they see live, native raptors.

To accomplish this objective, they are in the process of designing education and rehabilitation facilities, acquiring land and launching a capital campaign in 2016.