Refunds hard to come by for canceled Piere’s concerts

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Dozens of people with tickets to four concerts that have been canceled after popular music venue Piere’s abruptly closed this month might have lost their money.

Numerous people have contacted NewsChannel 15 with questions and gripes about refunds for concert tickets they’d purchased for shows at Piere’s. In the days after the popular club and music venue closed “for renovations,” a flier was taped to its glass doors that directed those with “questions regarding concert or Ticketmaster tickets” to call Ticketmaster.

The issue: the number provided on the flier offers “select callers” a special promotion that claims they’ve qualified for a free medical alert system, and no relief from Ticketmaster.

One person wrote NewsChannel 15, “I called several times no return call and now the mailbox is full. I’m starting to lose my cool over the situation.” Another person wrote, “Please do not let Piere’s get away with this! They are not returning our ticket money for the concerts that have been cancelled.”

Another wrote: “Something needs to be done. When a bogus number is listed and no one at Piere’s can be contacted, it makes things look very bad for their image.”

According to Ticketmaster, tickets purchased on or over the phone have been automatically canceled and refunded. The ticket seller will not refund tickets purchased at the since-shuttered Piere’s box office, however.

That has left people with tickets to In This Moment’s Saturday night show, Blind Guardian’s Sept. 24 performance, Chevelle’s Oct. 2 act and Skillet’s Oct. 6 gig all out the price of the tickets.

NewsChannel 15 reported earlier this month that Piere’s had been purchased by a marketing group Headliner Marketing. Calls to Headliner have not been returned and the company’s website is down. In fact, Piere’s popular website is also down.

Piere’s Facebook page is riddled with questions from people asking how to get refunds on their concert tickets, all that have gone unanswered by Piere’s. At least one person was forwarding those people onto the Better Business Bureau.

A representative from the Better Business Bureau told NewsChannel 15 on Friday that it had received two complaints about Piere’s and that an ‘alert’ had been issued regarding the entertainment center. It simply states that several upcoming concerts have been canceled and anyone with tickets should call Ticketmaster at bogus number listed on Piere’s flier.

The representative said people looking for refunds on tickets purchased at Piere’s can file a complaint with the BBB online at

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