FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WAN) – He said his baby boy hit himself with a toy tambourine.

Then he changed the story – the boy fell out of his swing twice, maybe three times.

Still, that did not explain the bruises to the boy’s face, a doctor would later tell a Fort Wayne Police detective.

Allen County Prosecutors late last week formally charged 22-year-old Bryce Allen Kreider with a felony count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury in connection to a skull fracture his son suffered this past December.

Bryce Allan Kreider

The boy, described in court documents as an infant, had been visiting Kreider over the course of two days when the injuries happened. The boy’s mother noticed bruising on his face upon returning from Kreider’s, and the baby also vomited when she tried to feed him, according to court documents.

At the hospital, a doctor determined the boy suffered a skull fractur that was not hemorrhaging and classified as “non-life-threatening,” court documents said.

Kreider told the boy’s mother that the infant hit himself with a toy tambourine, and then admitted that he may have fallen out of his swing multiple times, according to court documents. A doctor at the hospital said none of those circumstances could have caused the injuries the boy suffered.

A witness who had lived with Kreider and the boy’s mother told detectives she had seen Kreider hit an 8-year-old boy multiple times and once threaten to strangle the infant if the boy’s mother did not “shut him up,” according to court documents.

In an interview with detectives, Kreider admitted he lied about the boy hitting himself with a tambourine.

He said the boy had gone to sleep on a Friday night but had woken up early the following morning. He was preparing a bottle when he heard the boy scream, he told detectives. Kreider at first said he found the boy lying on the concrete floor of a bedroom, court documents said.

Kreider then admitted in court documents that he had become frustrated with the boy and he grabbed the boy’s face and that he squeezed, even though he did not mean to hurt him.

Police booked Kreider into Allen County Jail on Friday and he was released on bond.