DELPHI, Ind. — Ahead of an upcoming bail hearing, Carroll County prosecutors doubled down on their request for Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen to remain in custody without bond.

Carroll County’s lead prosecutor Nicholas McLeland filed the state’s response to Allen’s petition for bail on January 31.

The state said its evidence “adds up to strong and evident proof of guilt” that Allen murdered Libby German and Abby Williams in February of 2017, arguing “the crime of murder is not bailable” if the state provides enough evidence to prove a defendant is guilty.

Back in November of 2022, the court unsealed a redacted probable cause affidavit breaking down some of the state’s key evidence in the case, including lab analysis that found an unspent bullet discovered near the bodies of German and Williams had cycled through a .40 caliber pistol found at Allen’s home.

Allen’s defense team originally filed the bail hearing request on November 21, 2022, arguing there was a lack of strong evidence to keep Allen behind bars before the trial.

Judge Fran Gull will hear arguments from both the defense and the state during a bail hearing on February 17.

Allen’s trial has been scheduled for late March, although it’s been widely said that’s it’s highly unlikely it will start on time. As FOX59 revealed last month, jurors will be selected from Allen County after Judge Gull ruled it would be “difficult if not impossible” to find jurors from Carroll County that were not tied to the case, Allen, or the victims in any way.