WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — President Joe Biden seems to be making a re-election pitch to voters before even officially announcing he’s running again. However, recent polling suggests many Democrats don’t want him to be the 2024 candidate. 

If Biden does want to run for another term as president it may be an uphill battle. A new AP-NORC poll says only 37% of Democrat voters want him to run again. 

But lawmakers in his party aren’t ready to abandon him yet. 

“I think if he decides he can do it, he can do it. I was riding with Biden from the very beginning,” Rep. Dina Titus said. 

He hasn’t launched a 2024 campaign yet, but the White House says he plans to. Many Democrat lawmakers say he’s proven to be a successful leader in his first two years. 

“Take a look at his record. It’s extraordinary,” Rep. John Garamendi said. 

“He’s in a class by himself in terms of his achievements,” Rep. Anna Eschoo said. 

Other Democrats are more non-committal in their support. 

“It’s up to the voters to make the decision if he’s – if he’s the person that they want,” Rep. Cori Bush said. 

“I’ll defer to the president to make those choices,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger said. 

Todd Belt, George Washington University Professor and Director of Political Management, explains that many voters are pointing to Biden’s age as a top concern. He says the State of the Union address is one example of the president trying to combat that perception. 

“He really hasn’t gotten that bump that you would expect for the success that he has,” Belt said. “He’s trying to prove to people that he’s still up to the job, that age is not a factor, and that mental acuity is still there.” 

Despite a lack of enthusiasm from voters, if Biden does run Belt believes any effort from other Democrats to challenge him won’t work.

“It’s doomed to failure. The incumbent president just has so many more resources,” Belt said. 

Though it is still possible Biden will decide to pass the torch for 2024.