FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It may appear as just a small burger shop in downtown Fort Wayne, but Powers Hamburgers is much more than that according to expert on all things hamburgers, George Motz.

Motz was recently cited in a CNN Travel article. He lists the top five places in the country to get a classic hamburger. Powers in Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of those five places.

“It definitely was an honor to have someone like George Motz say we’re one of the top five classic burger places in America,” owner Michael Hall said. “Of all the burger places, it’s just amazing.”

When Motz talks about a classic burger, he isn’t talking about the standard double cheeseburger you see at a fast food chain. Classic burgers, to Motz, are made in a certain way,

Motz, who wrote a book and produced a documentary about hamburgers, says a classic burger is prepared the way they were made more than a century ago before burgers became popular in the United States.

“I was stunned to have my little shop be nationally recognized. It’s just really phenomenal,” Hall said.

Powers provides a basic slider with fresh meat, fried onions and a bun. It’s up to the buyer to add a condiment of their choosing. You won’t see lettuce or tomatoes on their sliders.

The burger shop opened in Fort Wayne in 1940. Hall bought it in 1999 and has been the head man there ever since.

Hall said he enjoys the burgers. He joked he’s probably gained 50 pounds in his 23 years as owner just from eating sliders at Powers.

He believes the customers who’ve supported the business for years, even through a pandemic, are the reason they’re getting noticed on a national level.

“It’s been great. The support from the community has been unreal. It’s been awesome. Having as many problems as we’ve had the last few years and still having the support from the community is overwhelming. It’s awesome,” Hall said.