FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With many restrictions lifted this summer many are returning back to life as we know it and leaving the house more and more. That leaves pets confused and alone and experiencing anxiety.

As pet owners return to work and play, pets have a hard time understanding that it’s back to business as usual. Pets have grown accustomed to the consistent presence of owners throughout the pandemic. Anxiety in dogs can look differently, with barking, or destructive chewing and can be triggered by sudden changes. It’s important to prepare pets gradually if sudden changes are to occur.

“Trying to make slow adjustments, they are creatures of habit. and so if you know you’re going to be going back to work and you haven’t gone back to work yet, just try leaving them for small increments at a time, make sure you’re getting up earlier, getting them for a walk so they’re nice and tired for the day. You can always do things like freeze Kong treats fill them up with peanut butter freeze them and you can give that to them right before you leave,” Holly Eggelston from Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control says.

Overall it’s retraining pets that it is an ok thing for you as the owner to leave. Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control is seeing pets being surrendered for a unique reason this year.

“One thing we are seeing one of our biggest surrender reasons right now is moving. As people are moving, as eviction restrictions are being lifted we are finding that is an issue and its hard to find pet friendly housing so that is always an issue. Our owner surrenders are up a little from last year,” Eggelston says.