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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Marc and Delaney Baumann were expecting their third child in 2017. On August 7, Delaney’s unborn baby seemed less active. Despite her nurse’s training and equipment at home, Delaney couldn’t find a heartbeat. Neither could the midwife… or the doctor.

Rowan had passed away after her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, restricting her blood flow. She was 27 and a half weeks old. That was Delaney’s 29th birthday.

Heartbroken, they were forced to navigate the unfamiliar world of funeral homes and burial costs. “You can imagine how difficult that is in general and then add on the grief that you’re feeling at the same time, it’s pretty difficult,” Marc says.

“There was waves of emotions, up and down, and we really wanted to hone in on taking this really terrible, awful situation and make something good come out of it.”

Marc Baumann

That “something” is Remembering Rowan, a nonprofit organization that helps families walking through the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. “We wanted to step in and be a source of hope and a resource to these families and provide some financial assistance to them in the midst of their deepest heartache,” Delaney explains.

The website simply states “We assist financially with medical bills associated with stillbirth, and help pay for funeral and burial costs for all babies who pass away in the womb at any gestational age, up to the age of one.”

The demand is high. “We’ve done seven since the beginning of this year,” Delaney points out. “There’s definitely a large, very large need in our community for this.”

While families can ask for help on the website, typically, they are connected through a hospital nurse or funeral home worker.  

“We’re seeing that we’re really just scratching the surface which is really heartbreaking. But it kind of drives us to want to continue to do more,” Marc adds.

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