FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Adam Clark and Jim Johnston play a round of golf nearly every Monday evening at the Brookwood Golf Club with the UAW General Motors Monday night men’s golf league.

It was Adam Clark who contacted WANE 15 about something he witnesses there every Monday evening, and our cameras were there to see it last week.

When the nearby 122nd Air National Guard Base plays the National Anthem at the end of the day, the golf course goes still.

“You feel like you want to pay attention to it. You look around, everyone else has stopped golfing and they’re taking their hats off, putting their hands over their hearts, so it’s kind of a cool deal,” said Johnston, whose been playing in the Monday night league for about 5 years.

Clark has played at Brookwood for years and still remembers the first time he witnessed the patriotic scene.

“I was just out here with some friends and I turn around and hear the music playing, and I turn around and everyone stopped and I was like ‘wait a minute what’s going on?’ so I thought this was kind of cool,” he said. “We’re out here playing golf with friends and coworkers, so to take that minute to celebrate the flag, our country, the men and women who are serving our country right now.”

Johnston says it’s good to know the 122nd air base is right in our backyard, and appreciates the work and sacrifices our servicemembers, like his two sons, make for our country and freedom.

“When you hear that National Anthem, again, I think people take pride in it. I bet there’s some veterans out here, I know there’s some veterans in our league, and for myself I have 2 sons in the Army, so I take that time to reflect on what they’re doing and I’m proud of them for serving our country and giving us the opportunity to golf and enjoy our time,” he said.