Mike the Crossing Guard is Positively Fort Wayne!

Positively Fort Wayne

Mike Reuille, the Crossing Guard at Franke Park Elementary School is one of many unsung heroes who keep kids safe every day. From his post at the busy intersection of Sherman Boulevard and Mildred Avenue, he shepherds students across the road with an attentive eye and a friendly, firm bark. “Hold up!” he shouts as he makes his way into the street with his STOP sign. “Stay there” he says to make sure he’s heard clearly. “Hold it, hold it, hold it!” he continues until he’s in the middle of the road and sure all traffic has stopped. Only then does he give the “all right, go ahead” command.

Mike Reuille was a safety patrol officer at Franke Park Elementary School when it opened in 1959.

Crossing Guards are vital to the safety of thousands of students who attend Fort Wayne Community Schools. The job comes naturally to the 71-year old who proudly says he was on the safety patrol when Franke Park Elementary School opened in 1959. The job is made harder by drivers who don’t obey clearly marked signs when entering a school zone. It’s something that draws the ire of a man who cares deeply about the neighborhood he grew up in and still calls home. “They need to SLOW DOWN” he says with the obvious frustration of someone who has seen too many people ignore the signs. His passion is appreciated by parents and administrators alike. Cassandra Bowles says Mike goes “above and beyond” to keep her daughter Elanor safe. Bowles has witnessed several drivers on the receiving end of his familiar scowl as they try to make an illegal left hand turn onto Sherman Blvd. from Mildred Avenue. First year principal Jasmine Youngblutt says “regardless of not making everyone happy, Mike makes sure our kids cross safely and we appreciate him for that.”

Reuille says helping others is something he’s always enjoyed. At the end of the day he says there’s one thing that makes each day a success. “When everyone goes home safe.”

It’s my why Mike Reuille is Positively Fort Wayne!

Pat Hoffmann interviews Mike Reuille outside Franke Park Elementary School at the corner of Sherman Boulevard and Mildred Avenue on October 13 ,2021.

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