Intel, the spy thriller card game, is Positively Fort Wayne

Positively Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The most boring part of any game is the instructions, so for now, let’s skip those to tell you this:

Intel, the new card game created by three Fort Wayne friends, was fully funded on Kickstarter in 35 hours. It rocketed past two stretch goals.

John Jehl, Ethan Sternke and Alex Shinn are recent college grads who have known each other since grade school. Intel was created during the boredom of a cross-country car ride.

And it grew.

“I chose to design the card game as my senior project,” says Jehl. “I chose spy theme colors and the different icons to give an undercover-type feel to it.”

Now that the Kickstarter campaign has ended, they will print the cards to distribute to people who pledged. They expect to have 700 decks left over to sell online and in local stores, if any retailers are interested.

Each round takes only about 15-20 minutes so it goes quickly.

“It’s a constant mind game throughout the whole round whether I should keep the Agent card or give it away,” says Sternke. “What card should I play to confuse other people?”

But what are you playing?

The Kickstarter page explains it this way:

Intel is a simple yet highly strategic card game about tracking the Agent card and leading others off its trail. Take turns playing cards to uproot information on others or sabotage them by stealing and swapping cards. Score points by correctly voting for who has the Agent at the end of the round. Whoever has the Agent itself scores even more points, but only if they successfully lead others off their trail!

The price of each deck is $20, plus shipping.

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