FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – For over a month in the summer, the Embassy Theatre opens up its doors on Wednesday nights for music and companionship in the community. It also serves as a platform for local artists to showcase their talents in an intimate setting.

“I love it. I love the atmosphere. I love everything about it, and that you can have the option upstairs on the rooftop and come back here,” explained Nancy Sanders as to why she goes to Summer Nights at the Embassy.

Between the music, dancing, and location, the vibes at the event are unmatched.

“Originally this started off, Summer Nights as a great way to showcase the sight of the building when the building opened after it was converted from a hotel to an event space,” said Crissy Moloney, Embassy Theatre Marketing Director.

Since then, Summer Nights continue to be a low-cost weekly. The event only costs $5, complete with a Fort Wayne focus.

“We have all local caterers, all local musicians, so it’s just a great time for a low-cost event for the community and it’s popular so it keeps going,” said Moloney.

Many people shared with us why they came to the event. Some said they were celebrating their birthday. Others came out for a specific artist. Ty Causey was performing the night we stopped by.

“Anytime I can be involved in Fort Wayne community and giving back my gift to them, that’s always important to me. And you know, Embassy, I’ve performed here on several occasions, and every time I perform here, it’s like I grew up when this place was a movie theatre back in the day, and to be able to come here and actually be part of the entertainment is totally awesome,” said Causey.

Summer Nights serve as a platform for local artists to perform in a historic venue. But it’s also a way for the community to show their support.

“We have to support local — musicians, businesses, whatever. We have to support them to keep it going. And we are blessed in this city with so much of that,” said Teresa Ternet, who was in attendance.

“I just think that most people who come out to these events see a whole new side of Fort Wayne, and when they come to Summer series like this and they get a better appreciation for some of the artists in the town…I got a really, really supportive following and I’m so appreciative, totally humbled by people that come and hear me sing, and give my gift back to them, so, if I can bring joy to their hearts that means I did my job,” said Causey.

The next performance of Summer Nights of the Embassy is on Wednesday, August 16. Sunset Musica will be taking the stage in the ballroom. The doors open at 5:30 p.m., and the music starts at 6. Tickets again are only $5. There are three more concerts after this upcoming one on Wednesday. To learn more about Summer Nights at the Embassy, click here.