FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – On Thursday a special meeting was held to discuss the Allen
County Public Libraries (ACPL) “Facilities Master Plan.”

The board of trustees was present alongside two presenters who walked the room through
Bostwick Design Partnership’s plan for the county’s multiple libraries.

The meeting inside the main library (WANE 15/Ethan Dahlen)

While two or three library branch buildings will be sold, all will be replaced with nearby facilities.

Every library will at least receive a renovation under the proposed plan. This includes the
Main library where the meeting was held.

The estimated cost for the venture is between 112 and 118 million dollars. Although one
citizen at the meeting raised concern about finances, the trustees were quick to point out
that the library currently has no debt after paying off bonds from the early 2000’s.

In addition the board stated that they have 21.5 million dollars in reserve to help offset the
financial needs of the project. In addition they stated that operational costs will be more
manageable because of smarter design.

Newer technology will lower the cost for lighting and better sight lines in the buildings will
help staff keep a better eye on everything going on, not necessitating as many librarians.

Two public hearings concerning the plan will be on April 21st and April 28th. The meeting
will have bond consultant presentations, and allow for public comment. In the latter
meeting the board will vote to adopt a preliminary resolution on how to proceed.

More information about the plan will be available here as the plan