Parkview nurse uses art to inspire patients and co-workers


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It has been close to a year that healthcare workers have been working hard to ensure the health and safety of each and every patient. Encouragement is still needed for them to continue their efforts to keep going. One nurse at Parkview Orthopedic Hospital is doing just that.

Katie Etzcorn, an inpatient nurse is making the hospital more colorful with her dry erase board artwork. She has been doodling for the last few years to encourage patients on her floor that are recovering from surgery. Many of her family and friends are artists, although Etzcorn doesn’t claim to be one, her eye catching work is an encouragement to those who see it.

“We do a lot of walking in the halls and this board is massive and it’s right in the middle of one of the hallways. So when our patients are out doing their laps and getting their physical therapy done, I usually write up there quotes that are inspirational quotes or pictures that are fun and bright. Nobody likes staying in the hospital so when they pass that they can you know be like oh this is cool, a lot of people stop and they read it and then continue on so that’s usually what I do it for,” Etzcorn says.

Although Etzcorn doesn’t work directly with COVID patients, the pandemic has impacted her and her coworkers in different ways. Many extra steps to get things done have been put in place along with cleaning procedures and PPE that has to be worn.

“Honestly, I could say most nurses don’t usually take a lunch break, they eat but it’s usually pretty quick. People need you and it’s really hard. It’s just a lot sometimes and it can really weigh you down, so it’s hard to imagine when you’re not the one in that environment,” she says.

Her most recent work is a message to her coworkers who have been tirelessly working to ensure the health and safety of each and every one of their patients over the last year.

“Purposely when I drew that one was to make sure that there was nothing on there that specifically identified that person that I was drawing was a nurse. Looking at those words around it and seeing the emotion on that person’s face and being like ‘okay that’s how I feel, I can look in with myself and say, I’m passionate about what I do, I make a difference in what I do. And, you know, I can, I can keep going through all of this’,” Etzcorn says.

Katie Etzcorn’s most recent artwork at Parkview’s Orthopedic Hospital

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