(NewsNation) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have agreed to debate each other, but it still hasn’t happened.

Will it ever?

“I’m all-in, I’m ready to go,” Newsom said Tuesday on “CUOMO.” Newsom said there had been a date set for the two governors to debate in November. However, a Republican primary debate has also been slated for that month, throwing into question whether the two governors would be able to meet to battle it out.

Newsom started running GOP attack ads in Florida last year, which sparked lots of speculation he was prepping for a presidential run.

While Gov. DeSantis is running for president, Newsom reasserted he is not.

“I have deep respect, reverence for Joe Biden as a person, his character, his decency and his capacity to do great things,” Newsom said in an interview with Chris Cuomo. “That’s why. I’m not worthy of that conversation. This guy deserves it, and we as members of the party deserve to have his back.”

Newsom said he ran the ads he ran in Florida to “counter my frustration” with Democratic messaging in red and purple states.

“(Republicans) are winning on the messaging, we’re reacting. Trans issues, all these issues, they sell fear and panic on the border, inflation, on crime, and they sell calm, and indifference on issues like climate change and public health,” he told Cuomo.

DeSantis, meanwhile, isn’t exactly dominating in the crowded GOP primary field. An Emerson College poll released Wednesday showed him polling in second place, but far behind former President Donald Trump.

While Trump was at 59 points, DeSantis held steady at 12.