New improvements making soybean delivery more efficient at Indiana plant


CLAYPOOL, Ind. (WANE) – Fall harvest season is in full swing and one northeast Indiana crush plant is making it more efficient for farmers to unload soybeans.

The recent completion of a significant capital improvement project at the Louis Dreyfus Company facility located in Claypool, IN has resulted in a much more effective delivery process at the plant.

“Soybean receiving is what its all about this time of year. These improvements allow us to bring more trucks through faster, dump more, store more, and be able to speed the logistics around the plant,” said Ryan Martin, who is the Farmer Origination Specialist at the Louis Dreyfus Company.

The improvements include a new probing station, which is used to determine the grade of a load of soybeans. Once the the grade is determined, the soybeans are unloaded into the facilities storage. The total storage at the facility has increased substantially as part of the recent project.

After the soybeans are stored, the Louis Dreyfus Company then turns them into various product, which provides a boost to the local agricultural economy.

“4,000 tons of soybean meal, that is a feed ingredient. We also take all the soybean oil that is separated out of that soybean and that gets turned into biodiesel and refined glycerin,” said Martin.

Martin said that once the full soybean crush process is completed, there is no waste leftover.

Local farmers and soybean delivery drives said that they have already experienced a more efficient drop-off process as a result of the plants new upgrades.

“it’s helped quite a bit since they put the other buildings in. I mean you’re talking maybe a half hour at the most if there is a big line. So it hasn’t been bad at all. In years past you might sit out here for two three hours, so yes it’s helped quite a bit,” said Ken Hedington, who drives for K&L Trucking LLC.

“We think this investment is going to be something long term that doesn’t just payoff for us, but it’s going to payoff for farmers in this area too. Should really be able to boost the efficiencies as they come through harvest and come through here,” said Martin.

Louis Dreyfus Company is based out of Switzerland. They opened their Claypool, Indiana facility in 2007.

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