FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The state of Indiana implemented new graduation requirements for high school students throughout the state this past school year. There are three main criteria that students must satisfy in order to be able to graduate. Students must earn enough credits, learn and demonstrate employability skills, and exhibit postsecondary-ready competencies.

For a student to graduate with a Core 40 diploma in the state of Indiana, they must earn at least 40 credits. To graduate with either an academic honors or technical honors diploma, students must earn at least 47 credits.

Indiana students are required to learn and demonstrate employability skills, which can be demonstrated by completing specific learning outcomes using that student’s own experience; those include making videos, writing papers or resumes, taking dual credit courses or obtaining certain certifications. These learning outcomes also include completing projects, presentations, or slideshows, and much more.

Finally, Indiana students must demonstrate postsecondary-ready competencies, which means they need to show that they are ready to move on from high school to a postsecondary pathway like college, trade school, or an apprenticeship. To graduate, Indiana students must demonstrate at least one of the postsecondary-ready competencies. Some of those competencies are as follows:

  • Receive an Honors Diploma (Academic or Technical)
  • Have SAT scores of at least 480 in reading/writing & at least 530 in math
  • Earn satisfactory ACT scores
  • Earn a minimum of 31 on the ASVAB
  • Obtain an industry certification from the approved DWD list on
  • Complete a federally recognized apprenticeship

Students must satisfy these criteria starting with the Class of 2023. Those graduating soon, or those who have already graduated are required to have met the minimum requirements outlined here. For a full list of Indiana’s updated high school graduation requirements, click here.