FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne is closer than ever to get a new garbage provider.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, the Canadian-based company submitted the lowest bid to the city and has been closing in on taking over the city’s garbage pickup provider. 

GFL continues to present its case with representatives from its company. 

The company’s presentation went over some of the logistics of moving to Fort Wayne. One of GFL’s biggest talking points was pricing. The contract states that trash and recycling will run citizens $10.75 per unit which provides pickup for one bin and three additional bags, with additional bins adding on an additional $1.50 fee every month. 

Two potential issues that were assessed at the meeting were Fort Wayne’s alleys and bulk items. GFL’s solution for the constricted alleys was the “Mini Packer,” a truck specialized to work in tight spaces.  Bulk items still remain a question. 

City officials have said they plan on handling bulk item pickup. As such, it wasn’t required in respective bids and isn’t in the contract that GFL released today, which city council members have not had the chance to talk to GFL about yet. 

After the meeting, GFL didn’t take any questions regarding the contract, and at the next city council meeting on May 3, both sides will discuss the contents of the 44-page contract.