FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Building on the success of The Landing in downtown Fort Wayne, developers Model Group have planned to add a new building to the area. The three story structure would be built as an extension to the space that once held Columbia Street West, along Harrison Street.

A primary development plan has been submitted to the Fort Wayne Plan Commission for consideration in July. According to a Vice President with the development group, the plans for the building were spurred by the success of The Landing.

If given the green light, the new structure, designed by Summit City-based Design Collaborative, would stand three stories tall, matching the neighboring building along Harrison Street. It would replace a handful of parking spaces and a glass-enclosed area that once served as seating space for Columbia Street West. It would face the intersection with Pearl Street.

The new building would offer space for 11 apartments, potential retail and an area the designers call “the front porch,” giving people a place to rest along the city’s urban trail.

“The rich history of The Landing, and all the way back to the Erie Canal, and seeing some of those structures be salvaged, be saved and be revitalized, and then trying to work in modern buildings, in and around those, it’s a pretty rewarding thing to capture the old history, the historical legacy that is Fort Wayne, with the new legacy that is moving forward,” Ron Dick, one of the founders of Design Collaborative told WANE 15.

At the time of the official opening of The Landing, all first floor commercial space had been spoken for. Restaurants Utopian, The Landing Beer Co., Alto Grado and Mercado joined Nawa as construction was completed. Work has since started on Marquee, another bar/restaurant combination.

Signs on the front of the former Columbia Street West building on The Landing advertise the space being for lease. WANE 15 learned discussions have happened for a concept bar and restaurant to move into the space.

Commercial space opened up as the owners of nightlife mainstay Columbia Street West decided to retire. The space was acquired by the Allen County-Fort Wayne Development Trust. It became part of the Model Group’s efforts to transform The Landing.

WANE 15 has confirmed that the process has started to open a concept bar/restaurant in the space. According to Jason Chamlee, of the Model Group, negotiations are underway to bring life back to the building in a way that reflects the rest of the 100 block of W. Columbia Street.

A timeline on an official announcement of name, interior construction and opening has not yet been announced.