Nearly a dozen cars vandalized in New Haven mobile home park


NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – Monday morning didn’t start out well for Aaron Voght and some of his neighbors. “At least 15 people had to spend all their mornings cleaning up their stuff and trying to figure out how they’re going to get from point A to point B.”

10 vehicles were vandalized over the weekend starting possibly late Friday night into Saturday morning. Then again late Sunday into Monday. “They shattered all the windows in the window and the back one in this one.”

Nothing was missing out of either of Vought’s cars, they just smashed the windows and left. It’s the same down the road at Nancy Shuman’s house. “This is ridiculous. Probably teenagers, ain’t got nothing better to do,” she said.

She found a bag with a brick in it, one she thinks was thrown through her driver’s side window. “I didn’t leave it there and then when we pulled it out, it had that brick in it.”

After 30 years of living in Cedarwood, Shuman says it’s never been like this. In June, 15-year-old Jason Gardner was nearly beaten to death by a creek in her backyard, something many called a hate crime. “I keep telling the manager someday somebody’s going to get killed in here.”

Police say they think the vandalism is random, with no connections to the owners. Those 10 reports have officially been filed, but neighbors think the vandal’s count is closer to 20. “I hope they really think about their actions. I mean my kids are scared to death right now because they think there’s some bad guy out there,” Voght said.

“I just hope they catch them and make them pay for the damages because there’s going to be a lot of damage,” Shuman said.

New Haven Police don’t have any suspect information right now. Anyone with information is asked to call them.

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