Video shows officers pulling child from mother’s arms


BROOKLYN, New York (CBS) – The NYPD is investigating how their officers became involved in a violent confrontation with a mother holding her young child. Cell phone video shows 23-year-old Jazmine Headley surrounded by police officers and a security guard at a social services office as they try to pull apart the woman from her one-year-old baby. 

Jazmine Headley’s screams filled the Brooklyn social services office during a chaotic tug-of-war with police over her 1-year-old son, Damone.

Witnesses say it started as a confrontation with a security guard about sitting on the floor with no other seats available. 

Nayashia Ferguson witnessed the incident. “I was just so disgusted I couldn’t believe they were doing that to that child I just couldn’t believe it it was crazy,” she says.

An officer could be seen pulling her stun gun on the crowd at one point Headley was arrested and faces charges that include resisting arrest and criminal trespass. The child was turned over to Headley’s mother, who says Jazmine was trying to protect her son. 

Jacqueline Jenkins, Jazmine’s mother, said, “there’s no reason for NYPD to tug and pull like the way they did, I mean he was a rag doll basically.”

Police say Headley refused to leave the office or comply with officers orders when they arrived. New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill called the video disturbing adding the incident is under investigation. The city’s social services commissioner says they will immediately focus on training to better defuse situations before the NYPD is called. 

Brooklyn Borough President and former New York City Police officer, is “calling for those charges to be immediately dropped.” He continues, “you cannot escalate to that level. That was not an emergency. It was not a violent crime. It was about a conversation, it was about “let’s find this woman a chair.”

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