USPS introducing “Informed Delivery” program

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – It will soon be easier than ever to track your mail and know exactly what should be in your mailbox each day.

The United States Postal Service is introducing a new program called “Informed Delivery.”

The program is similar to tracking a package delivery. People who sign up for the program will be able to see a photo of each envelope scheduled to arrive in their mailbox that day.

“It is exciting for us… and I feel it is going to be exciting for our customers as well,” said Mary Dando, USPS spokesperson.

Informed Delivery is a free and optional program. It allows people to register an email address. They will then get daily updates regarding their mail no matter where they are.

“Whether you are on vacation or traveling or work, wherever you are, you will be able to see this mail piece before it actually goes into your mailbox,” said Dando.

She said it will help people be more informed and prepared.

A mail theft victim said she is excited to sign up for this new program.

“It is good to know that and then I guess they will tell us if we are missing something what to do,” said Heather Peek.

“If they don’t receive that mail or when they get home it is not there, then they immediately have something to send back to us and say, I did not receive this so that is an even faster response because we have a copy of the actual mail and what it looks like,” said Dando.

“I will check it all the time. I will probably be addicted to it,” said Peek.

This service is brand new and people can begin signing up for it next Friday, April 14.

More information can be found here.

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