United creates new policies for flying pets

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United Airlines announced new policies and customer requirements Monday for pets flying through the company’s PetSafe program.

The changes come after a dog died in March after being placed in the overhead bin of a United flight and a German shepherd was mistakenly flown to Japan instead of Kansas City.  

Only cats and dogs will be accepted for the PetSafe program, and 21 dog breeds and four cat breeds will not be allowed to fly. 

United is also now requiring passengers to provide several pieces of information about the pet before confirming the reservation.

Some other changes include: 

  • Crates will no longer be sold or provided at airports. Pets must have a compliant crate shorter than 30 inches
  • From May 1- Sept. 30, no pets will be allowed to travel to and from Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Phoenix and Tucson airports due to high temperature restrictions. Reservations are also not allowed to and from India and Austrailia.

United said they will continue to make improvements to the PetSafe program as needed. For a full list of the changes and more information on PetSafe, click here.

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