TOLEDO, Ohio (WANE) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost warned ProMedica Health System, a healthcare organization headquartered in Toledo, it has one week to make one of two payments the company owes the University of Toledo or face a lawsuit from the state.

The University of Toledo and ProMedica made a 50-year agreement in 2015 designed to enhance the quality of medical care and outcomes for ProMedica patients. The deal required ProMedica to send monthly payments to support the university’s College of Medicine and Life Sciences in exchange for certain benefits, including the services of the university’s medical faculty and residents.

However, ProMedica did not make the $3.8 million payment it owed in August or September, according to a press release from Yost.

The company told university officials that it will not make any future payments until the affiliation agreement is revised or replaced.

“The affiliation agreement was to be a win-win for both sides, but that happens only when both parties honor their agreement,” Yost said. “ProMedica needs to pay up — to do right by the medical students and ProMedica patients who stand to lose big-time from its nonpayment.”

ProMedica’s monthly payments represent 44% of the medical school’s annual budget.

“We will do what is necessary to compel ProMedica to meet its obligations under the contract,” Yost said.