Needle disposal box set up next to Boston school


It’s a picture that speaks to a crisis, a needle disposal box right in front of a Boston elementary and middle school.

Five months ago, parents were protesting outside the school about the used drug needles around their children’s school. At first, some were startled to see the box, but now they’re coming around.

A parent says they’re glad someone is doing something.

A parent showed how a container can be filled with needles in less than 10 seconds, 100 yards away from the disposal box. He says the box is not the answer.

“No definitely not the answer, especially in front of the school. Cause now you’re promoting for addicts to get high right by the school,” says Domingos DaRosa, parent and activist.

According to Boston’s 311 app, almost 1,600 people called to report they found needles so far in 2019. In 2018, the number was nearly 4,900. However, if you walk down around, there’s plenty that never get reported.

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