Lawyer: R. Kelly to stay jailed 1 or 2 more days

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R. Kelly’s defense attorney, Steve Greenberg, speaks to reporters at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse after R. Kelly was ordered held on a $1 million bond, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 in Chicago. Cook County Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. has set Kelly’s bond at $1 million saying that the amount equals $250,000 for each of the […]

One of the best-selling music artists of all time won’t get out of jail until Monday or Tuesday as confidants scramble to arrange to pay a $100,000 bond to free R. Kelly as he awaits for aggravated sexual abuse, his lawyer said Sunday.

The R&B star, 52, had hoped to walk out of the 7,000-inmate Chicago jail over the weekend, but defense attorney Steve Greenberg told The Associated Press in a phone interview that coordinating of the payment is complicated.

“He has to rely on others acting on his behalf,” said Greenberg. “And it’s just not that easy — because Kelly’s in jail.”

A bond-court judge on Saturday set bail at $1 million, requiring the Grammy Award-winning singer to pay 10 percent. Among the conditions of release is that Kelly have no contact with females under 18.

In arguing for bail within the singer’s ability to pay, Greenberg told the judge Kelly wasn’t wealthy despite decades of success creating hit songs, blaming mismanagement, bad contracts and other issues for his client’s financial woes.

Greenberg said he had braced for the possibility that bail could be higher than $1 million, but was pleased when Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. arrived at the number he did.

There are multiple logistical issues that could have thwarted Kelly’s efforts to pay, said Joseph Lopez, a criminal defense attorney in Chicago not connected to the Kelly case.

Bond can be paid by credit card, cash or check. Court officials must be able to talk to bank officials directly to confirm that an amount written on a check is covered, and that’s not possible when banks are closed, Lopez said.

Records on the county sheriff’s website say Kelly is in Division 8 of Cook County Jail, where the medical unit is located but also where inmates considered at risk from the general inmate population are held, said Lopez.

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