Hot dog! Warning signs of heatstroke for dogs


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The summer is a popular time to take your dogs outside, but if you’re not careful, they could suffer from heatstroke.

Some of the warning signs to look out for are heavy panting because that’s how dogs cool off. They cannot sweat. If they have a hard time getting up or if they collapse that could also indicate your dog is overheating.

Dog owner Kizer Gutierrez said he prefers to walk his dog in the mornings or evenings when the temperatures are a little cooler.

“If it’s like too hot then I just don’t let him outside or I try to keep him towards the grass instead of the concrete and, yeah, that’s pretty much all you can do other than make sure you hydrate and give him plenty of water,” Guiterrez said.

Larger dogs and dogs with dark fur or pushed-in faces are at a greater risk of heatstroke.

Giving your dog water can help, but keeping them out of the heat is best. You can put cool water in the inner parts of their thighs to help cool them down.

Dr. Steven Hemmingstad said your dogs can even suffer brain damage if they develop heatstroke.

“It could really almost what do I say, fry the brain, but it can denature the proteins of the brain and sometimes there’s no coming back from that. so it’s very dangerous in the hot summertime,” said Hemmingstad.

If you suspect your dog might have heatstroke, take them to a veterinarian right away.

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