Chris Watts confession tape released


We’re now learning new chilling and disturbing details about how Shanann watts and her two daughters died, straight from the murderer’s mouth.

Chris Watts, the Colorado man who confessed to killing his family described what he did in a five-hour-long recorded interview with police.

One morning last August Chris Watts put his hands on his wife’s throat and watched her life slip away.

That is how the 33-year-old convicted triple-murderer described his actions to investigators in a newly-released police interview tape.

In it, Watts describes in graphic detail how he killed Shanann in a fit of rage, then loaded his young daughters into the backseat of his truck and put Shanann’s body on the floor next to them.

He drove 45 minutes out to a remote oil well site where he strangled 3-year-old CeCe, then 4-year-old Bella.

“It’s like every time I close my eyes I start to hear her saying daddy no and that was it,” Chris said.

Shanann’s family says its hurting, “The hardest thing was that Bella was witness essentially to the disposing of her mother’s body and the witness of the suffocation of her sister,” said their attorney.

During his 5-hour interview Watts seemed to have an answer to almost everything, except for the most pressing question — why?

“I couldn’t let go. It was like someone else. Like, like if you picture somebody else around you holding your hands, holding you keeping you from not letting go,” Chris said.

Afterwards, Watts says he had no idea what he would tell police.

He says he hastily placed her wedding ring on the counter, and a couple’s therapy book in the garbage to suggest she had given up on the marriage.

The denials though, didn’t last long.

After a lengthy interview with police, he was out of answers.

“Just walking into that room, I knew I wasn’t walking out,” he said.

His life behind bars is a far cry from the one he once had.

“I look outside every day. I’m like what could we be doing right now? Right now I’d have a five year old, a three year old and more than likely a one month old son. And a beautiful wife and just like right now it’s just me.”

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