Allegiant refutes ’60 Minutes’ report, calls it “grossly misleading”

Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines has issued multiple responses to a ’60 Minutes’ report that aired Sunday which called into question the safety record of the airline. 

The low-cost carrier believes the ’60 Minutes’ report was “instigated by a terminated employee currently involved in a lawsuit seeking money damages from the company.”  

On Tuesday, NewsChannel 15 obtained four documents from Allegiant. The documents directly respond to the ’60 Minutes’ report which among other things claimed Allegiant flights were three-and-a-half times more likely to suffer an in-flight breakdown than flights operated by American, United, Delta, JetBlue or Spirit. 

Allegiant currently serves Phoenix/Mesa, Myrtle Beach, Fort Myers/Punta Gorda, Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater and Orlando/Sanford out of Fort Wayne International Airport. 

In a document titled “Allegiant Facts”, the airline also refutes ’60 Minutes’ claim that it refused to provide someone for an on-camera interview.  It admits CEO Maury Gallagher could not appear because of scheduling conflicts and other reasons, however it claims it offered to allow other experts from the company to talk and ’60 Minutes’ declined.  

That same document also states that the person ’60 Minutes’ claimed was an expert on airline safety hasn’t served in any capacity with the National Transportation Safety Board in almost 15 years and has no direct knowledge of Allegiant’s operations.

Allegiant also states that according to newly released data from the Department of Transportation, Allegiant had the second lowest cancelation rate among all U.S. airlines in January of 2018. 

The airline also issued a letter to its pilots where if stated that the ’60 Minutes’ report “is nothing more than a reckless attempt to damage our company and scare our passengers.

A letter from an Allegiant pilot also addressed the accusations made in the ’60 Minutes’ report.  Captain Steve Allen, who has been with the carrier for four of his nearly 20 years as a pilot, said it is “appalling and insulting,” to imply that Allegiant employees would knowingly operate an unsafe aircraft.

The entire ’60 Minutes’ report can be found here. 

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