FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Following a survey of damage caused by Wednesday’s powerful storms that caused destruction in Indiana and Ohio, the National Weather Service has confirmed that tornadoes did touch down in Allen and Adams County.  Those were two of at least 12 confirmed tornadoes in Indiana.

Photo shows destruction in Woodburn caused by a tornado Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016. (Heather Herron)

In Adams County, preliminary findings have determined that a tornado with winds of 90 to 100 mph lifted numerous times as it moved east and on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, this tornado would rate as an EF-1. A second EF-1 tornado touched down 3.5 miles northwest of Berne and had an estimated peak wind speed of 100 miles per hour. It traveled for nearly eight miles before lifting at 6:03 p.m. Damage survey crews said damage was found to barns that had partial roofs ripped off. Larger trees and tree limbs were also broken off while smaller trees were uprooted.

In Allen County, a much more powerful tornado struck, and while the exact intensity isn’t known for certain, the damage it left behind is consistent with a tornado packing wind speeds of 135 to 160 mph, giving it a preliminary rating of EF-3.  The damage from the storm that spawned the tornado stretches into Ohio and additional damage assessment is being done there.

National Weather Service records show the last time a tornado that powerful struck in Allen County was May 16,1968 and prior to Wednesday’s tornado. it was the only tornado of that magnitude to hit Allen County since record keeping began in 1950.  That 1968 tornado left a path nearly 18 miles long.

Late Thursday, weather officials confirmed a tornado in Wells County. Estimates indicate the tornado touched down 4 miles east of Van Buren at 4:59 p.m. and traveled for less a tenth of a mile. The EF-0 tornado had estimated wind speeds of 65 miles per hour and snapped tree branches and damaged a pole barn. It was on the ground for about one minute.

Officials also reported four tornadoes in Van Wert County. Three of the tornadoes were rated an EF-0 and one was rated an EF-1. The tornadoes caused damage to several buildings and trees. Officials said one tornado actually moved gravestones at a cemetery. The other three tornadoes primarily damaged corn and bean fields.

Additional survey results are expected this week.