For four magical Sundays in September and October, kids of all ability levels are living out their dreams playing the great game of baseball at the World Baseball Academy. The At Bat Adaptive Program part of the academy’s On Deck Initiative and is a partnership between the academy, Turnstone, and the YMCA.

WBA CEO, Caleb Kimmel says the partnership allows kids to enjoy the national pastime who might not always have access to a facility like the academy offers. “We’ve built programs around mentoring kids with varying abilities and getting traditional student athletes athletes involved as a ‘big buddy’ so the community can come together around the game of baseball and have some fun.”

A young slugger in action at the World Baseball Academy’s At Bat Adaptive Program

Kimmel says the vision of the World Baseball Academy is to develop leaders who positively impact our world. “WBA’s passion for developing young people inspires us to reach ALL kids, not just those whose families can afford baseball lessons and teams, or those who are physically or developmentally capable of mainstream competitive sports. That’s why the WBA offers the On Deck Initiative for underserved and at-risk boys and girls.”

WANE15’s Pat Hoffmann spent a Sunday afternoon checking things out at the World Baseball Academy’s beautiful complex located at the ASH Centre at 1701 Freeman Street.

The four week program will wrap up with a family fun day on Sunday, October 9th.

All the smiling faces made it easy to see why the World Baseball Academy’s At Bat Adaptive Program is POSITIVELY FORT WAYNE!