SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Many burgers across the country have entered “Man vs. Food” lore, with some even besting the men hungry enough for the challenge. But which ones really stood out?

Mashed has named the best burgers featured in “Man v. Food” challenges, and Mug-n-Bun’s Monster has earned a spot on the list.

The Speedway drive-in was featured in season seven of The Travel Channel series. During each episode, original host Adam Richman and his successor Casey Webb would challenge themselves to gargantuan gastronomical feats like a 72-ounce steak at a Texas steakhouse or 15 dozen oysters at a Louisiana restaurant.

The Mug-n-Bun chose its Monster combo meal as its challenger against host Casey Webb. The Monster is made up of a deluxe triple tenderloin sandwich, a family size of fries and a 32-ounce mug of root beer. The catch is to finish it in 30 minutes or less to earn your spot in the Mug-n-Bun hall of fame.

“Only ten out of 300 people had won this challenge when Webb arrived, and he hoped to become number 11,” wrote Mashed.

Spoiler alert: Webb got just about as close as you can get, but all that bread got the best of him, and food declared victory over man.

The Mug-n-Bun is currently for sale for $2.2 million. The current owner has said he hopes the eventual buyer will continue the restaurant’s legacy.

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